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Blade Cut Oriented Knife Gate Valves Australia

butterfly valves

Mechanical tools like nuts, bolts, nails, valves, etc. are some of the most integral parts of any industrial application. Be it assembly of an electronic device, machine, decoration piece, water pipeline, refining industry, mining process, these technical structures find their way in the engineering procedures. Among the many categories of such mechanical structures, valves are worth-mentioning as these are generally larger in size and have way more important functions to address. Butterfly valves are one of its kind valves which are meant to operate the opening and closing functions of any device, object, machine, or network. The most common example can be seen in the design of a water pipeline where the flow of water is under control of switching of these valves. Secondly, knife gate valves are highly important when the media subjected is rich in solid particles. These valves are render with the name knife” mainly due to their blade sort of action in cutting solid media. Corrosive materials, abrasive media, and slurries are some of the mixtures in which these knife valves effectively perform their required isolating function.

Butterfly valves

A butterfly disc composed of semicircular plate attached to the transverse stem forms a simple design of butterfly valves. These are made up of different materials which are corrosive resistant, so commonly aluminum bronze is considered to be the best raw source for valve construction. These are short in length, unidirectional in motion, small body size, bottom shaft bears, with a built-in-disc type of system.

Butterfly valves work more appropriately at lower pressure and temperature limitations which are a major contrast to ball valves. Depending upon the machinery in which these valves are installed, the functional competency can be determined. These can be manually operated, are provided with gears, handles, or are regulated via pneumatic or hydraulic actuation.

Knife gate valves

Gate valves is one of the most popular collections of mechanical valves which are technically design to  impart a blade cut onto media containing high solid particles. Among the many varied versions of these valves available in market, knife gate valves are the pioneer in usage. These are found in two forms which are parallel and wedged valves. These are isolating valves which are not usually preferred to be employed with corrosive or hazardous substances, as the morphology and mechanics of valves do not resonate with such objects.

Knife gate valves are recommended by technicians, industrialists, and mechanists to be considered for materials that are thick density and hard in volume. Substances like paper, pulp, slurry, coal mining, sanitary, water treatment, coal refinement, etc. are examples for which knife valves are required.


Butterfly valves are being used conventionally as a mechanical installation in water pipeline network. These form butterfly shape while regulating opening and closing of the pipe. On the other hand, knife gate valves Australia are involved in cutting media which have more solid particles and need blade cut action for isolation.

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